Portfolio and RPG Engine

Recently, I’ve been compiling all my programming projects for college and polishing them for admission. This includes the XNA RPG Engine, which has been getting stale sitting on my computer for so long. Last year my XP partition got infected beyond saving and I had to abandon it, so none of the same file paths that were hardcoded into the RPG editor to get it to work exist anymore. Turns out that being forced to fix the game for college was my motivation to finally get the code working on other systems than my own.

However, there is one MAJOR problem before I can release the code to everyone. All the graphics that the engine uses come from the copyrighted RPG Maker series from Enterbrain. So I can’t release it as-is. Now, granted, I could delete all the image files and rewrite the hierarchy to load any tileset of a given size, but then auto-generated collision maps would need to be set for each imported map, which can get tedious. Then the editor would need to save, load and import tileset packs including this extra data on runtime. And by the time I have this stuff done, hypothetically, why don’t I just fix everything and add all the features I planned on adding?

So this is a heads-up that the code is now in working order. The ONLY thing preventing me from releasing it is the graphics, and, until I can find some replacement tilesets and parallax tiles to preload onto the editor, that’s not going to happen. If anyone has a link to some high-quality replacement tilesets, that aren’t copyrighted, it would be greatly appreciated and facilitate a release. Also, thanks to everyone that followed the RPG engine while I was still working on it. The knowledge gained from the project was invaluable.


~ by IG on February 16, 2010.

7 Responses to “Portfolio and RPG Engine”

  1. Here’s a site : http://lostgarden.com/2006/07/more-free-game-graphics.html

    hey could you just send me the source code if so that would be great

  2. You can actually release it as-is if you license rpg-maker. I think its like 60$.

  3. hello bro, i really like ur work. u want sell it ?

  4. what kind of tileset do you need?
    if i have time and happens to fit in that what i need to do for a other game i could make you one oo

    i just need informations ^^

  5. Love this site man. Beginning programmer here and this has been a HUUUGE help. If you could get get back to that platform tutorial and show how to do the collision detection, that would help a lot! If not, I’m sure I’ll still follow your work. Can’t wait till the next release. 😛

  6. Thank you so much for this very useful website.

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