The times they are a-changin’

I’m going to take this site in a slightly different direction for the next couple months. Why? Well, it’s partly because my school’s computer’s can’t run XNA, so I’m stuck returning to VB .NET. My whole plan centered around working on the engine during this time, and now it turns out that I can only work on XNA at home. So, for the time being, I’m stuck in crappy ol’ VB .NET. Only, I realized something.
Have any of you ever returned to look at one of your previous projects and thought, ” man, how did I do that?” That’s where I am right now. I’ve looked through my VB .NET games and decided that while XNA is geared towards developers, VB .NET is my home. It’s where I learned to write games. And, damn, some of these games, while simple, are pretty fun to play. And look at.
So over the next couple months I’m going to show people what is possible in VB .NET. I know a lot of people still use crappy VB6 for games, simply because they think it is “impossible” or “too complicated” to code in .NET. There’s a substantial lack of good, solid games in VB .NET on the web, and it’s made me realize a missed opportunity.
VB .NET is perhaps the simplest coding language ever, especially for games. Why? Ease of use. Resource management. Live visualization of the design. I could go on. And it can be argued, that XNA has this as well, from certain perspectives. But for the novice, XNA is intimidating. There’s no visualization of the form! EVERYTHING is done in code. Plus, adding resources can get annoying – everytime you add one, you need to write a line of code to load it into the XNA engine. For large developer games, this is great. But for the beginner, it’s too damn frustrating. There needs to be a way to easily funnel a new programmer into XNA – that’s VB .NET.


~ by IG on April 1, 2009.

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