Character Artist *FOUND*

   Four days ago I recieved an email from Nathan O, a guy in Scotland that is up to the task of creating character sprites based on my specifications. Surprisingly, and unlike previous character artists that wanted to work on the game, his work is quite good and I’m sure he’s proud of it as well.

   Furthermore, I’ve updated the contact page and site in accordance with his arrival. Feel free to view his deviantart page here. Also, the site will be updated every time he completes something (as an art update, of course). For copyright reasons I’m not showing the complete charset here, for I know Nathan’s worked on it hard and I don’t want someone stealing his work. I will however, give an ingame preview of each character he creates, which can be seen below:


   I’m proud to have Nathan on the team; he’s a great addition (and only addition thusfar) and his work will allow me to push forward on the game’s development code-wise.

   Once again, if you want to join the team, feel free to send me a message at . You can now view team openings in the Team page at the top.


~ by IG on September 8, 2008.

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