Busy, Busy – School and Stuff

   I got school. In two weeks. And I have to read two books and do two assignments on each. I also need to go to Canada. And New York. So, for the next two weeks, starting Wednesday, I’m gone. I get no breaks this summer. If you think I didn’t do any work while I was here, then you’re wrong. I worked on the menu system for three hours, and got nothing accomplished. Primarily because the damn cyclical UI won’t turn left. It turns right just fine, but left – whole different story.

   When I get back there should be a whole new element to the storyline. These ideas probably will never see the light of day, but it’s good mental excersize. Hopefully soon I’ll write the story in a comprehensive Bible, which is what I started doing, only to realize the amount of effort needed to make such a thing. Making a world isn’t easy; it’s tough work.

   In further news, no one responded to my two forum posts looking for a team. Well, some did, but they weren’t what I was looknig for. Neither did I get any new people from this one dude at Carnegie Mellon, but oh well. I’m thankful for the recognition. Progress on the game and editor is stalled for the moment, and I shouldn’t be seeing any let-up in my work until April-May-June next year. You see, I have this “Computer Programming 3” class that I’m in that half of the second semester, which is basically a free hour and a half for XNA work during school hours. Teacher’s real cool about everything, as long as you’re programming, he’s fine.


~ by IG on August 11, 2008.

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