No Stranger to Shame

   Hello! I’m fresh and back from Ireland. I’ve just come to say updates are going to be scarce for the rest of the summer, it seems like I’m going to both my uncles and Canada for the next two weeks, as well as having to work this week. The game is still in development, while off schedule, I’m sure I should have something to show this week.

   Rather than bore you to death about personal matters, I’ve really come to talk about what I plan to roll out onto the engine in the coming week(s). Originally I intended the game to use a dynamic sprite system, and I’m going to implement that into NPC development. The NPC will have its own class, complete with constructors and the like. It will also hold a key item: the item dictionary, which I will integrate into the new menu system. I have an idea for a smooth side-scrolling interface that should make itemizing easy.

   Going more indepth into NPC development, I will link a new form to the tile editor that allows for the creation of NPCs. This popup window will house tons of functionality. I am going to separate the functions by tabs, so a new user can simply place an NPC and then customize physical appearance without going too indepth into the dialogue system. The addition of NPCs also marks the addition of the NPC tag to the .map xml format. This can get quite lengthy, depending on how flushed out the NPC is.

   So now that you know what I plan to tackle next in the game’s development, I’m off to dinner.


~ by IG on August 3, 2008.

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