The menu system is up and running. Originally I was not planning on working on this project at all until I came back from Ireland, but I found it to be pretty easy to implement. I made a ragtag graphical overlay for the game, and then had it fade in during activation. In order to make the game run new lines of code and read a new control scheme, I separated the game’s control scheme into a separate event. I’ve also done this with the game’s logic and rendering code.

   This means that when the menu is shown, the game ceases to render the player and map underneath, saving a helluva lot of processing power. Just recently I found out that this idea is called “Gamestates,” where each separate “gamestate” has its own render, logic and control events. I’ve always strayed from the “official” words for things, but found this pretty interesting in that this is a universally recognized concept.

   In another matter, recently I’ve turned to drawing a lot more than I usually do. This is resulting in loads of srap sketches, most of which I throw away. Hopefully by the end of this Ireland trip I should have some good concept art up.

   In further news, there has been some confusion as to the implementation of my storyline along with the “faction” concept I came up with. Yes, I know, it would be ridiculously hard to implement a really deep, evolving storyline into a world where the player chooses his/her own path. Which is why I’m not putting in the entire storyline. There will be a villian, and it’ll be made clear you need to take him down, but that’s about it. The rest of the storyline will be roughly outlined for you, and the player will be able to explore it more indepth if he/she wants to. (The original reason, and still the major reason, I came up with Karma Phala is for a future graphic novel. I got to call it a graphic novel because I’m not Japanese, so naturally I can’t call it a “manga.”)


~ by IG on July 21, 2008.

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