Away Again…

   It has been a busy week, and the next is looking even worse. I have to work with my uncle running wire for his new classrooms in Vo-Tech, and then it’s off to Ireland for 9 days. I know, it seems like I just came back from Turkey yesterday, but it’s not my decision. As such, I’ve decided to postpone any plans of a game menu system until I come back. This way, I can focus on the storyline a helluva lot more.

   Currently, it’s not looking good for updates. I’ll probably post something or other before I leave for Ireland, but it won’t be anything major. As always, if anyone needs to contact me, send a message to I’ll gladly respond. The game and editor’s future looks long and grim, if anyone is willing to help out programming while I’m away, be my guest. All I need you to do is implement a menu system; it’ll be a MAJOR help. Thanks.


~ by IG on July 20, 2008.

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