Video: Teleport Event System

   The following video covers the new teleport event system, which effectively links maps together. The teleport event works as such: when the player collides with the teleport event (which is invisible), the player is “teleported” to a different map. The map is set when the teleport event is placed in the editor. Also, the user must specify a channel for the event; by doing so, it links with a teleport event at the player’s destination map. This allows for more than one teleporter to be placed in one map, with each teleporter potentially pointing to a different map.


~ by IG on July 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Video: Teleport Event System”

  1. nice man…
    i’m starting to learn and develop a new game with XNA too. and for a while.. i’m using rpg maker chipsets too.. heheh…
    good luck 😛

  2. right back atcha

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