EventControl Class and Event System

   Teleporters can now be set in the editor, saved into a map file, and imported. But not only teleporters – the Event class is designed for use in other facets of development, as well. Each event has a type associated with it. For now, the only type that exists is “teleporter.” The addition of events also marks the addition of a new tool called “Event selector.” The event selector, when clicked, disables tile placement and enables event selection. When an event is selected in the map view, a specialized group box pops up with the event’s corresponding properties. For example, if it is a teleporter event, the teleporter group box opens and allows the user to specify the channel and filePath properties. This group box also opens automatically when the event is created.

A picture of the teleporter graphic and options box ingame.

A picture of the teleporter graphic and options box ingame.

   So today I’m working on getting teleportation implemented in the game. At first, I just want to make sure it works, then I’ll get into making the map fade out and other effects. While I made the tile editor able to easily close and open maps, the game has been geared towards opening one map upon load. In theory, I should just be able to dispose of certain variables and rerun the Initialization code. How well this’ll work ingame, is a different story.


~ by IG on July 17, 2008.

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