Rain and E3

   Okay so I’ve got rain working. Since it generates 10 points per particle, to simulate a line, it requires approx. two times as much processor power than snow. I also tried getting the tile editor running as a standalone .exe. Didn’t work out too well, but oh well. I’m putting game development above an editor release for now. I need to, once again, look at my Update and Draw code and optimize them for lag.

   So why haven’t I posted 3 posts by now? Well, it’s because I’m watching E3. For those who don’t know, E3 is the (or was the) prime spot for game companies to hold keynotes to release new software and hardware information. The best part is, you can watch the news, literally – E3 makes gaming news for weeks. You don’t have to rely on second or third party news stories; you can formulate your own opinion. That’s what I like about E3.


~ by IG on July 15, 2008.

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