XML Maps

   Maps can now be successfully saved in XML and imported from XML. The XML format now completely replaces the old text format. With this development, I no longer need to reform the map file each time I add new data to a map. It took me about an hour and a half to implement XML, which isn’t so bad. But I was surprised at how the string.Remove and .Replace functions work. Apparently you need to assign the value to a new variable, because the functions do nothing to the original varible (which is stupid). :/

   Anyway, I’ve also integrated player start position into the editor. As mentioned in the post below, right-clicking the space you want to place the event brings up a context menu. The user then selects “Set Player Start” to place the starting point. The point shows up visually as a green crosshair with an “S” in it. This point is saved into map files upon export, and vice-versa. I’ll talk later about events, for now, I got stuff I “need” to do in real life. 😦


~ by IG on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “XML Maps”

  1. I’ve stumbled upon your blog recently and I’m quite excited about your work. Especially this XML maps, a huge development indeed. Do you plan to release any of your work into public as an open source file?

  2. I’ve thought about it, yes. I would need to update the editor in such a way that it could function as a standalone .exe, and then I could release the game code. As far as releasing the editor as source code, however, I have no plans. Thanks for asking, though. I didn’t know if this would generate any demand for the game; apparently it has, so I might just want to reconsider working on rain today and instead focus on making the editor into a standalone.

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