.Map File

   I’ve completed changing the engine and the editor’s code to export to and import from one single .Map file. This marks a milestone in my development. Tomorrow I expect to convert the .Map to XML format, thereby allowing the Content editor to handle it as an XNB file, which dramatically increases data security for the game. Once maps can be handled in such a way, I’m going to build a collection of nine (9) maps that the player can explore.

   These nine maps will be interconnected through a new “teleport” event that the player triggers upon entering. The teleport event code will also include integration of an event system into the editor, which allows the user to place events such as the player starting point. The editor will alert the user when he is about to place an event on a collision block as well. To set an event, the user simply right-clicks where he wants to place an event, and uses the accompanying menu to locate the type of event he wishes to place.

   Specifically, the “Teleport” event is used to connect maps. When placed (or selected, selection occurs by clicking on the event), the “teleport” event tool window pops up, and prompts the user to select a map. The map’s file location is then stored in the teleport event data. Each teleporter has a “channel” value attached to it; the channel value must match the other teleporter event’s channel value (the teleport event in the map the teleporter wants to send the player to). By doing this, it effectively links the events together through channels and map location. Think of this system like zipcodes and addresses. The zip code (or map) tells the relative area, and the address (or channel) tells the exact location.


~ by IG on July 13, 2008.

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