Nick Gravelyn has made me aware that my snow system is lackluster. Okay, I got it. So the snow doesn’t accumulate on the ground and the screen doesn’t get a hazy white. And so at night the snow seems just a little too white. Well, normally I harshly toss aside criticism as ignorant blabber, but this time I realized that what he was saying was right on the money. Respect your elders, right?

   As you could guess, I’ve made the above improvements to my snow system. At this point, I have it fading in and out smoothly regardless of the time of day. The Rain object is also renewed everytime the snow effect is activated. I don’t believe there’s room for any bugs now, and it looks pretty good graphically. All I need to do now is allow the designer to easily manipulate the amount of particles in the air. I’ll have a video showing the new day/night cycle up when I get rain working.


~ by IG on July 13, 2008.

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