Video Demonstration

   Update: The video is up on MegaUpload. Catch the d/l here.

   Update 2: The YouTube video is up!

   I’ve been having major problems with my USB microphone, so much so that I dusted off my old mic and tried to get it working. Eventually, my work paid off, and the mic is working good as new! So, in the past hour or so, I’ve recorded a simple demonstration of my editor and game. This seems rather silly, considering how my last tutorial showed map creation from start to finish, but this one is much longer and more comprehensive. It’ll give you a look at the Full Fill tool, Fill tool, Eraser Tool, layer view, zoom function, map resize function, and tileset palette. I’ll describe what each of these tools do. I’ll also generate a collision map (like I did in the last video) showing just how easy it is to make a map start to finish.

   I’ll have to say however, that I ran into one problem while recording this. When I made the layer Up/Down buttons, I forgot to switch the staticTilesetName properties of the two layers. This caused problems, and so I cut the clip out of the video. This is why there’s a fade in/out in the middle of the video. also, I was running for time, so some of my demonstrations, like showing the raw output of the map, was cut for the YouTube video. However, I will have a 1400 by 900 pixel high rez video up on MegaUpload as well, so for anyone that wants to see the game in its original dimensions, there you go.


~ by IG on June 23, 2008.

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