Half-Kaizer Sprites

   I’ve noticed that many people have been linked to my blog from searching for half-kaizer sprites. This confuses me, not because of the sprites themselves, but because all the XNA Rpg games I’ve seen so far use basic 32*32 sprites. The ease of use and graphical application of the half-kaizer sprites rivals all others, and that is why I have chosen half-kaizer to be put in this game. In case you don’t know what Half-Kaizer is, check out the Half-Kaizer Construction Project. It is full of great people, all of whom will be credited upon release of my game.

   Unfortunately, though, if you choose to use Half-Kaizer, you’ll end up making most of the clothing objects and hair yourself. There is a substantial lack of resources in these sprites. People just don’t seem to believe in them. It’s like they choose to use the standard sprites just because that’s what they’ve gotten used to. Over at RMXP Forums, there all loads (and I MEAN loads) of resources to choose from. Just now, after finding that link again, I’ve found a great parallax tile conversion from XP to VX (I use VX, but I like XP tiles better).

   There’s a great sprite named Showkaizer at the RMXP forums; I’ve posted pic of his current works in progress here. You can see that with Half-Kaizer, the user gets a wider variety of characters, as opposed to 32*32 tiles, where all you can change is some color and some hair pixels. These sprites lack a substantial amount of visual assets for the player to be able to easily visualize the character. With Half-Kaizer, however, visualizing a character is easier. Players will have an easier time relating to a more visually developed character.


~ by IG on June 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Half-Kaizer Sprites”

  1. I was looking through the internet and stumbled across some templates in this type of animation. I was wondering who the creator of this animation type was and if the type of animation was currently copy written
    in any way. If anyone comes along this message please email me with the detailed information. I was hoping to speak with the creator of this animation type. Thanks!

  2. I can refer you to the HKCP -> http://www.pixelcocktail.com/HKCP/Gallery/

    or you can contact Venetia directly, ->

    However, I am not sure if she is the direct creator, I think that that credit goes to Showkaizer.

  3. I agree, I’d like to see more half-kaizer resources. Honestly, I think folks are afraid of the level of detail in them for some reason.

  4. You didn’t happen to save the resources you found on the RMXP Forums did you?

    They have all been deleted.

  5. These were created back in 2005 or 2006 by Showkaizer, an artist known for anthro art and RPGMaker resources. Many of the templates were also created by Tana on RMXP.org (which is no longer around). The graphics were created as a resource for game developers to use freely.

    Templates are rarely distributed under any form of restrictive license. Most don’t even require you credit the original creator.

  6. I hate to be a blog necromancer, but I’ve been looking for hk resources, and pixel cocktail seems to be down. Is the hk project dead? If so, is there a different source for these amazing sprites?

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