Automatic Collision Generator and PEARL JAM!!

   So I finished updating the tile editor to include a collision layer. While the user has the option of making the collision map himself, I also included an automatic collision generator. Basically it generates collision based on preset tileset overlays and parallax tile types. Soon I’m going to code the game to read these collision maps and generate Rectangles for the player to collide with. Very, very close to being done with tiles altogether.

   On an unrelated note, I’m seeing Pearl Jam in Camden, NJ tonight. It’s going to be freakin’ crazy. Unfortunately, don’t expect a video on collision maps until tomorrow. I could finish it today but it would be crunch time, and I’m a procrastinator, not a hard worker.

   PS If you want help on your own tile editors, see Nick’s tutorial over at first. It’s really well-done. I’m considering making my own tutorials on RPGs, but I think if I did I’d start where Nick left off, and create a tutorial on NPCs. As of now I cannot see myself making a tutorial, with my current workload, so don’t expect one.


~ by IG on June 20, 2008.

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