Character Walks and CakeLayers

   The biggest news here is that I’ve got my character walking. Taken from a spritesheet, he can walk in all directions. The hardest part of this was camera tracking, but it was still easier to implement than what I’m about to show you.

   The video below demonstrates a handy tool I developed to create what I call “CakeLayers.” The tool opens up a static tileset and automatically generates a grid filled with default zeros. The user can select the tiles he/she wants to change, and then cycle through the available layers of transparency with the W key. It all becomes very intuitive. The numbers are shown both in the tile you are editing and the code view to the right (in a read-only textbox).

   So what do these numbers mean? Well, for development reasons, I can’t tell you exactly. What I can tell you is that they have a role in handling how layers are drawn. They answer the question: should the player be drawn above or below this tile? That’s about all I’ll tell you so far. But they do a pretty good job. Shown after the editor is an ingame view. This is how the game is so far; I know, there is no collision. But I’m just trying to demonstrate the layer system at this point. Certain tiles are drawn above, some below. Remember, you can add infinite layers, but regardless, the player will always be drawn above a flower. The player is impervious to the layer system.


~ by IG on June 19, 2008.

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