Challenge: Static Tilesets (*UPDATE*)

*Update*: ERROR ERROR ERRORS. I am bombarded with them today. I go to open VS 2005 and the Solution Explorer only shows 1 project out of my total 3. On top of then, I can’t build the project. The challenge is suspended until I find a workaround. Fucking Microsoft support….

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a challenge to complete what I’ve discussed last post: static tilesets. Similar to EvilNando’s YouTube videos on his editor, it will utilize almost the same tileset display GUI that can also be seen in Rpg Maker XP and VX (shown as #29 below).

The effieciency of this approach is that while one layer is restricted to the tileset it’s associated with, multiple layers can blend many different tilesets together in one map without loading the same tileset twice. Basically, it’s a win-win situation, especially with (theoretically) infinite layers possible in my editor.

So what do I mean to accomplish exactly? First off, the implementation of a GUI tile selector similar to that from RMXP. Then, the ability to select single or multiple tiles using a rectangular selection tool. Once that is complete, the ability to place the selected tile(s) on the map using a complicated number system, giving each tile a corresponding number that will be translated into Rectangular coordinates in the Draw event. Fourth, allowing the user to select different tilesets upon the creation of a new layer. And finally, the ability to save these layers in one comprehensive Save event that can load in the layers’ corresponding tilesets.

It’s a lot in one day, but I’m going to shoot for the moon on this one. In an effort to show my progress, I’ll record it from start to finish and upload a heavily timelapsed version if my PC’s harddrive doesn’t give out first. Tomorrow’s a big day – wish me luck!


~ by IG on June 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Challenge: Static Tilesets (*UPDATE*)”

  1. Are you ever planning on releasing source code?

  2. I have no plans to at the moment, but if you need help on something I’ll gladly give you a hand.

  3. Hi, and thankyou. I was wondering how you managed to make the tile editor automatically know which tile it needs. For example with that grass on your video.

  4. Well, I generate a typeGraph based on the type of tile getting layed down. From this, the code performs logical operations determining if the tiles to the right, left, top, and bottom are the same type as the tile being layed down. Based on combinations of these answers, a value is given to the map file at the corresponding x,y coordinate. This value is again interpreted during the Draw event as a rectangle. The rectangle is set to the location of the piece of tile in the tileset. This makes it possible to incorporate many tilesets without having to make separate image files for each tile.

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