Done..Well, Almost :P

   I’ve successfully completed everything I’ve been putting off – meaning, no more errors in the editor, alpha layers can be opened/saved into the editor and the game itself, and multiple (single-tile) layers can be created. New tilesets can be imported with ease that carry over to the game as well as the editor.

   Now for the next stage of development. I need to be able to add in new textures to the single-tile layer (which is easy in the current system), but i need these textures’ bounds to change based on their original height and width. I’ll probably need to create a new text file that acts as a data deposit, so when you add a new texture, you must also add width and height, and the game handles the texture accordingly. My first texture: a tree. Not because it’s the first on the list, but because I like trees. >_<


~ by IG on June 12, 2008.

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