I’m not normally off-schedule, but I have a life outside this “hobby” that I must keep up with. Unfortunately, it intruded upon my working schedule today. I got NOTHING I wanted to do done today. First it started with sketch practice, and escalated into Halo 3 practice, and then 3 hours of making an advertisement for my dad’s tour business. And then the obligatory “eating” (which I always stray too far from). Basically, call me a slacker today.

   I know it’s my fault that I promised a new video today. I’m trying to manage my friend, who wants the learn XNA, and manage my other friend, who wants to play Halo all day. And I can’t help these things rhyme. But you’re here to see something XNA, and I’m here to tell you not today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day. I know this is the start of a vicious circle, and hopefully I can get off my lazy ass and get everything I want done done tomorrow. Including finishing the tile editor code.

   I send my thanks out to Steve, who has many great ideas and influenced my design, and Nick Gravelyn, who helped me grasp the concepts behind XNA. Eventually I’ll be saying this to a larger crowd who won’t get XNA talk, and hopefully that comes to pass, but for now hold with me here: I’m just 16.


~ by IG on June 10, 2008.

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