So I’ve been working with StreamWriters and StreamReaders since I worked in VB .NET last year. I started doing Nick’s tutorial 4b, and found out that I had strayed WAAAY too far from ever coming back to following his code word for word. Such that, about halfway through the video, I completely stopped watching and took what he was about to do and did it myself. It was quite a challenge, because I use a MUCH more complicated tile system than his.

   Saving was a snap. Opening – not so much. First, my Open File Dialog ceased to work. I set up a textbox where you manually type the filepath in, more work, but better than nothing. Then I try to Open files using Nick’s code, copied word-for-word: uh-uh. Not that easy anymore. Reluctantly, I got off my lazy ass and made my own function for TileLayer, specifically for opening a file and returning not a layer, but a map itself. After I completed this I realized that I might not be able to solve the textures problem – if I wanted to import a texture, it would be impossible without changing lines of code. This is what I need to implement next, and it just keeps on going…

   So hopefully after I’m done with cleaning up the code for added user functionaly, I can start on the Player Character (PC). In case anyone’s wondering, I’m making my own sprites and using the Half-Kaiser template for my sprites (found here). They’re really well-done by the way, feel free to support these guys if you’re artistically inclined.

   My next development video (Part 2) should be out tomorrow, and it’ll showcase opening and saving files, running the saved file ingame, importing a texture based on layer, flood-filling textures (works like the paint bucket in Paint), maybe even an improved GUI. If you have any questions or comments, and if you want to help, feel free to send a message to


~ by IG on June 9, 2008.

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