RPG Design

   I’ve created this website out of respect for the community, in the belief that one should share their ideas to the public in a quest for improvement. There are many confused, aspiring designers out there, and I do not even remotely want to be one of them. These designers face hundreds of others for job positions in the gaming industry, and without a first job, they are as good as dead. To compete for a game design position nowadays, pouring all your hard work and time into the dream, is incomprehensible. You’ve got to have a great sense of pride and a crazy creativity level.

   I’m not here to preach to you about ideas you should stay away from. I’m here to give you insight in just how hard it is to implement design into game code. Many designers think they can go to forums and foster a botched-up programming team and create their dream game. Well if you’re one of them, you’re wrong. (Hey, I’m not being kind to you? Well too bad, suck it up, and learn. It’s the real world, people.)

   So while I’m working on an XNA Rpg game, I’m going to come back here every now and then and post of some problems I’ve had and some accomplishments. Think of this website as a journal, a log of what I’m going through in order to bring my dreams to reality. As an artist, writer, programmer, and designer, I hope you can take this info with a grain of salt, and don’t stress over it. In the end of the day, you’re creating your game, and that’s all that matters.


~ by IG on June 6, 2008.

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