I have to make many improvements to my tile editor, and Visual C# isn’t cooperating. My open file dialog box is deciding to give me an error, even though I know I have the right code; I’ve worked with OFDs before, and just now they start to disappoint. I have tried researching the error with no avail. To get around the OFD, I’m making a manual file path textbox, which is more work for the user, but until I can fix this problem, it’ll have to do. I also have to mesh my map format, “typeGraphs,” (which explain to the code the type of tilemap used, whether it be grass, water, etc..) with the tileLayer map format, so the code reads simply the tileLayer and then creates a typeGraph by itself.

   Currently, I’ve started watching Nick Gravelyn’s 4th Project videos, which is pretty amazing I’ve gotten this far with little help. Unfortunately, I’m noticing things he is doing that I could implement, but in my current system, I’m going to need to fundementally change the code as it currently stands. This feeds off the fact that I need to eliminate the saving of typeGraphs. I also must use a save file dialog (hopefully this actually works) and create a save system. Following Nick’s tutorials, this should be quite easy if everything goes according to plan. I also must retool the texture importing system so the user doesn’t have to actually edit the code itself, which is what Nick covers, but I use tilesets instead on individual tiles, so it may be more complex than initially intended.

   For anyone that wants a look at my current progress in the tile editor, you can view Part 1 of my development below:

   On an unrelated note, I’m attempting the endless setlist in Rock Band this Saturday. Should be a blast, and hopefully we’ll spend less time eating buffalo wings than playing the game.


~ by IG on June 6, 2008.

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